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Experience The Prairie Benders original and distinctly dark Americana/Folk Rock sound. In a style that conjures Neil Young to John Prine to Wilco, The Prairie Benders deliver compelling lyrics steeped in psychedelic escapism, catchy melodies and sharp songwriting. The Prairie Benders unique musical signature showcases the fiddle as the main lead solo instrument, setting them apart from the standard electric guitar-centric approach of most bands. Featuring vocal harmonies, fiddle, acoustic guitar and a tight rhythm section, The Prairie Benders music feels genuinely cathartic and is as healing as it is infectious. Based in Portland, Oregon.

The Prairie Benders current lineup include (L to R): Chris Calvert- drums and vocals, Meghan Coil- fiddle and vocals,  Jason Ferris- guitar and vocals, Sean Fong- bass.

Photo Ginger Weidenhof

Jason Ferris

The Prairie Benders is the project of Portland, Oregon musician Jason Ferris. After three decades of writing and performing music, he has returned to his songwriting origins with an acoustic guitar in hand. Drawing inspiration from his formative years on a Michigan farm, this endeavor pays homage to Ferris's earliest musical roots. Simultaneously, as a Gen-X latchkey kid from a turbulent home, born among the last generation to remember what life was like before the internet, Jason weaves a unique perspective into the project. Rooted in lived experiences spanning the pre-internet and post-pandemic ages, Jason’s songs navigate the terrain of life’s accumulated trauma with a vulnerability and beauty that somehow leave you feeling better about it all. 
Photo Stephen Kozik

“The Prairie Benders, the new alt country project of Portland songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jason Ferris, swaps out his experimental rock tendencies for sweeping Folk/Americana textures while maintaining the sharp songwriting that has always characterized his work. His new spin on a traditional genre is particularly apparent in the lyrical themes, which very much feel like a reflection of modern times.” -Ross Beach (XRAYFM Radio Host/PDX Pop Now! Co-Founder)

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